Beyond Clicks:
Performance-Driven Marketing for Law Firms.

We leverage cutting-edge technology and data analytics to ensure every marketing move translates into client growth.

Our strategy is tailored to efficiently and ethically increase qualified clients — improving ROI for law firms and connecting clients with lawyers who can help them.

Marketing Efforts Built for Performance

We base marketing decisions on thorough data analysis and legal industry insight.

Our services empower law firms to realize their growth.


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Metrics That
Matter to You

We distinctly separate digital marketing elements, like traffic and keywords, from actual client intake.

Our focus spans beyond lead generation, detailing the number of signed cases, cost-per-case, and your marketing investment’s return.

We fine-tune metrics to suit your firm’s goals, collaborating with your team to enhance our approach.

Reporting and collaboration not only makes your marketing spend transparent, but also offers a broader perspective on your financial results, aiding in strategic decisions.

Trusted by Law Firms of all Sizes & Practice Types.

Our solutions are custom-tailored to accommodate law firms based on their specific goals and needs.

From local Personal Injury attorneys to national Mass Tort firms — we’ve got you covered.

Our Services

Rather than offer every digital marketing service to every company, TruLaw Marketing focuses on three (3) pillars:

SEO, Paid Ads, & Web Design — solely for law firms.

Search Engine Optimization

For law firms looking to build their demand for the long run…

Unlike other agencies, our goal is not to build up our inventory of SEO clients by taking on every firm who wants to do SEO.

We offer Market Exclusivity with a goal of building long-term relationships with the firms we help grow.

Turnkey Advertising

TruLaw Marketing offers omnichannel digital advertising and traditional advertising services.

We utilize SimplyConvert’s instant evaluation as our advertising funnel end-point to automatically qualify potential claimants based on your law firm’s litigation criteria.

This allows us to offer Marketing with the End in Mind — delivering retained clients directly to you.

Website Design & Development

Our approach to Web Design transcends traditional layouts, offering innovative and interactive websites specifically for law firms.

We create visually appealing, user-friendly websites tailored for law firms — focused on responsive design, search engine optimization, and converting your visitors into clients.

Our marketers ensure that your content and message reaches your target audience efficiently — our designers ensure you stand out when your audience arrives.

Marketing with the End in Mind...

Audience Arrives at Your Digital Doorstep:

Our data-driven digital marketing strategies bring prospective clients to you.

They Enter Your Conversion-Optimized Webpage:

Webpages designed for both high-intent searchers AND a passive audience — no matter what stage of the funnel they’re currently in.

Potential Clients Start the Conversation:
Your conversion-optimized content drives the prospective client to interact & inquire.
TruLaw Powered by SimplyConvert:

Our intake technology automatically filters through lawyer-provided case criteria to automatically Qualify OR Disqualify potential cases.

Automated Client Retention:

When your case criteria are met, you can manually send your contract or use our automated system to send your retention documents.

Real-Time Monetization of Unwanted Leads:

If they don’t meet your criteria, our built in referal tool allows you to monetize on those cases anyway by sending them to firms who do want them.

Centralized Client Management:

Our tools make it easy to view vital information, communicate with clients, and begin the legal process.

Data-Fueled Metrics:

We use this data to accurately provide you with Cost per Case & ROI metrics (unlike other marketing agencies).

Campaign Spend Optimization:

This data + our broad network activity allows us to optimize your marketing campaigns over time and generate better and better results with your budget simultaneously.

Testimonials & Case Studies

Our clients’ testimonials and case studies showcase tangible results, possible use-cases, and the growth that has resulted from working with our team.

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